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14 February 2012 @ 11:50 pm
13 February 2012 @ 01:55 am

So, I spoke to the boyo and he was moody, untalkative and sounded downright off and upset with me. But I have NO idea what I have done. I can't have done anything cos I haven't seen him to upset him. Blahhh. He made me feel really rubbish and teary and I don't even know why. I couldn't sleep. My mind has just been racing trying to work out what must be up... It's unfair that he has these sulks and that I waste my time trying to fathom him out. I can't work out if he is just attention seeking and it's all a waste of time....? Anyway, enough of that.

I found this great site http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/ which has got loads of good ideas on it. They've got this awesome Food & Mood Diary, which is basically a chart where you can record what you eat and then your mood following it. Such a good idea for seeing the trends in your mood and diet. I'm going to print it out and have a go.

And drink lots of green tea. Apparently that helps your mind and your body to lose weight. booooyah.

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12 February 2012 @ 10:19 pm

So January has been and gone and the time for new beginnings has already passed.... just. But I feel like I need a boost, like I need to keep track of things, maybe connect with a few new people. So I have started a brand new journal. Fresh faced and ready to go. I feel like this year is the year to be getting on with things and so this is my way of beginning.

As usual with new journals I have very little to say at present! I had a very quiet weekend as I have no money but managed to visit both of my grandparents. The boyo is still being weird with me, I am not sure what I have done or if I have done anything. Maybe I am reading too much into his lack of contact. Hopefully he will call tonight before bed and I can see what is up with him. Maybe he has a boy-period??

I have decided with this new start I want to lose some weight. I am currently 126lbs and I want to start by losing 6lbs. Hopefully going to the gym to go to aerobics tomorrow and start the week off dieting. I'll feel really good if I can shift these excess pounds in time for summer. Winter makes me feel sluggish and lazy. Want to get moooooving again. I have had enough of snow already. Also got to call in about a new job tomorrow and go to the doctors. Mustn't forget to do any of these things. Also got to go and post my sister's bday card as her birthday is Valentine's Day! I hope it is not too cold tomorrow.

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